7 Steps To Making Instagram Work For You

Growing your business and brand should be the most important focal point of how you spend your time as an entrepreneur, business owner or independent artist. Social media is the new TV, print and radio advertising, but unless you know how to make your posts engaging, you are wasting your time. Today, I want to share with you

7 Essential Steps to Write an Outstanding Instagram Post. Let’s get started! 

1.   Use Product Posts

Since Instagram is popularly known as an image sharing platform, people will expect you to show off pictures and videos of your products.

Uploading content with pictures of your products will help to drive sales and market your business on this fast-growing platform.

You could post photos of your products alone or post them with your lifestyle photo or with some few other complimentary products.

In this case, you will need to get creative while following these steps to write an outstanding Instagram post.

Also, you will need to create product posts appropriately else you could come across as spammy.

You must incorporate interesting captions and not just featuring the product name.

In fact, you could execute the post by making the post look like you are pitching the product thereby highlighting the features and benefits.

2.   Ask followers to tag a friend

You need to encourage your followers to tag a friend who is likely to “Like” the product or who is relevant to the post you are making.

This way, many people will get to know about your brand.

Nevertheless, you will also need to be cautious with this strategy or you will appear like you are just spamming your followers.

So, you need to encourage users to tag a friend wisely.

3.   Take Advantage of Product Tags

If you want to get direct purchase via Instagram, you could take advantage of product tags and stickers in your post and stories.

This way, a user will be able to know more about the product and how to purchase it by clicking on the product tag.

In fact, the easiest way for customers to make a purchase on mobile is to use product tags in your posts.

Note that this approach will also allow the customer to follow you.

The latest release of product stickers by Instagram has also made it easier for users to learn more about the products by just clicking on the sticker.

4.   Show Your Followers Behind-the-scenes

You could also engage your followers by posting behind-the-scenes content- followers love this.

In fact, this is the best way to create transparency since your followers will know who the real person behind the business is.

It will also establish trust.

The good thing is that behind-the-scenes content doesn’t need to be outstanding as some of your pictures.

This is why most brands prefer to show behind-the-scenes content of their stores.

5.   Live Video

Users like live videos and going live in your posts can build a good rapport with your customers fast.

You will appear trustworthy and your followers can intermingle with your brand in real-time since they will get a notification whenever you go live.

This is the most effective way to answer your followers’ questions, showcase behind-the-scenes content or introduce a new product.

You can also feature the live video in your Stories which adds content with social proof.

6.   Use Quotes as a Source of Inspiration

People love inspirational quotes.

Well, the online world is full of negativity and sometimes people want to see something optimistic or inspiring.

It’s a good approach to create optimistic relationships between your business and your fans.

However, when posting inspirational quotes make the image attractive with dynamic colors and layouts.

7.   Create Fun Videos

Video content is one of the best methods in today’s social setting and when you post fun videos in your Instagram feeds, you will attract more followers that you may think.

It will depend on what type of videos you want to create.

Conclusion – Steps to Write an Outstanding Instagram Post

There you have it: seven essential steps to write an amazing Instagram post. Remember, you should be consistent on the site, and also, you should share varied posts and content to keep your followers fascinated.

As social media continues to become an essential part of our day to day lives it is crucial to use it to our advantage and get our messages to the world which in turn results to sales.

Following the Steps to Write an Outstanding Instagram Post we’ve described above will help your information to reach a wider audience fast and on a boundless scale.


If you are interested in growing your social media accounts, turning likes into revenue and making an impression and impact with creative content creation, contact Freeman Creative Media (click here).


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Social Media Strategy For Indie Artists & Small Business

Yes, social media is the most important tool in 2019 for the independent artist to get noticed and draw attention to his/her/their content, but the more I look around the more I see that most artists aren’t using the social media platforms correctly.

I wanted to put a basic Social Media Strategy together for you to look at, absorb and put into practice to better utilize the platforms to leverage them into growth for your career and/or business. I promise that if you follow these simple and easy to implement strategies, you will see a return and the growth that you need to have across your accounts to be more relevant.


1. Be Consistent

If you are serious about this, post every day, and, ideally, a few times a day.

This may be a bit difficult, but the more often you post, the faster your following will grow. And ultimately, you can track the readership of your posts in terms of time of day.

The other part of consistency will be in your content.

You should consider getting a theme.

This is what Chan did. He decided to focus on inspirational quotes and superimpose them on amazing photos.

If you use quotes and images from elsewhere, be certain to verify that copyright status before using them.

The idea here is to have content that followers will be excited to share with their own communities.

All of our posts relate to images and caption tips for college students.

Our followers are loyal and do share our tips with their peers.

2. Cross Promote

If you already have a following on other social platforms, invite them to follow you on Instagram too.

Because Instagram is primarily a visual medium, your posts will not always be the same as those you post elsewhere.

Your followers will find these posts entertaining and inspirational enough to share them with others which will Boost Instagram Marketing Results.

Christopher K. Mercer, CEO for Citatior has this to say about cross-promotion on Instagram: “We have found a number of related niches on Instagram, particularly those who market products and services to university students.

Our cross-promotions have worked out well, and we have grown our customer base quite a bit through this strategy.”

3. Provide Incentives

Once you post a great visual/video, offer something to followers who share it with at least 10 friends.

This can be a discount or some freebie.

Don’t place this in the visual itself – put in in the conversation you start.

4. Hashtags and More Hashtags

Max out hashtags that are related to your business and you will find that you increase the visibility of your posts and it will Boost Instagram Marketing Results..

Put these in the comments, not the captions.

The more hashtags the better, because, like keywords, this is how prospects will search for you.

Another unique strategy is to ask your followers to use one of your business name hashtags in a post they create, with a picture of a product they have purchased.

You can then feature their photo in one of your posts, and they will love sharing that.

Don’t use Popular hashtags?


If you use #instagood your content will get lost – take a look at how many posts are in the #instagood hashtag group 908 MILLION posts!

5. Be Creative with Your Images and Captions

This is not an easy task but when you use images and captions effectively it will Boost Instagram Marketing Results.

And if you are a busy entrepreneur who is not especially clever and witty, then get some help.

There are a number of freelancers and services that are or have creatives who do this for a living and have the expertise you want.

Freelancer and Fiverr are also good sources, and, with any of these tools, you can get samples of their work.

6. Paid Sponsorships

This can be a powerful way to spread your content and Boost Instagram Marketing Results.

Once you are off the ground but are longing to grow your following faster and Boost Instagram Marketing Results, this is the best route.

Given the fact that the metrics are now available for you to discover the Instagram following of accounts of related businesses, there will be sponsorships you are willing to pay for.

“Just look for businesses under the hashtags you are using or that you know related businesses use, check out their metrics, and choose those that hold the most promise” .

Don’t hesitate to go after sponsorships from related businesses.

You are very likely to get a spike in numbers after you do this.

7. Use Instagram’s Tools

Instagram has now designed tools for business profiles and marketing, and users can now email, call, or text a business directly.

Your objective is to Boost Instagram Marketing Resultshttp://www.freemancreativemedia.com so make sure you use this great feature is access to a wealth of analytics, which Instagram calls Insights.

You can get lots of engagement data which will let you know what is working well and what is not.

This, of course, you can use to drive your future posting.



To Boost Instagram Marketing Results recognize that content posting on Instagram is unique because it relies almost wholly on visuals and short captions.

But with over 500 million users, no business can ignore the potential marketing power of this platform.

Getting it right may take research, time, and outside help, but if you follow these eight tips, you should see a great boost in following and, ultimately, revenue.

If you are interested in growing your social media accounts, turning likes into revenue and making an impression and impact with creative content creation, contact Freeman Creative Media (click here).


The Revolution is new for 2019 and is my blog weekly newsletter that features Tips, Tricks, Advice & Strategies for indie artists, songwriters, small business owners, entrepreneurs and growing brands, Plus, gear and tech reviews.

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Music Biz Tips 5-10-17: Who’s Feeding On Your Dreams?

Aspiring artists and songwriters listen up. YOU CAN’T TEACH TALENT! Either you have it or you don’t.


I have been increasingly frustrated at the number of “Professionals” I have seen on Social Media lately offering their “Song Camps” and “Critique Sessions”. For the low low cost of up to several thousands of dollars, you get to go hang out with them for a few days, play your songs and they will critique them and tell you where you are going wrong and set you on the right path. It all sounds great, in theory, but here’s my take.


I don’t believe that you can teach someone to have a talent. You either have the talent or you don’t. Songwriting is a craft that is never perfected. Songs and their greatness or marketplace worthiness are subject to each individual person hearing them. There is no rule, subject matter, right way or wrong way to write a song.


In my opinion, these are money grabs by people who, most of the time, aren’t even relevant in the music business anymore. Sure, they may have worked at a label or publishing company when a particular artist or writer broke thru, but they were in no way single handedly responsible for that artists’ success and they certainly didn’t write the songs themselves. They are simply trying to cash in on the association and are preying on young artists and songwriters dreams to be successful in a very difficult business, for nothing more than pure profit and personal gain.


I never had someone teach me how to write a song. Even after much success, I still continue to learn from others by getting in the trenches every single day and actually doing the job. Every single song that I have ever written that was commercially successful, I was told more than once by a publisher that it wasn’t a hit or had a label pass on it cause it wasn’t a hit. So do they really know what they are talking about? Not really.


Want to be a better writer? Listen to records, learn structure, learn melodies, learn to play and instrument or two, learn alternate tunings and do the research yourself and save your money. You are not going to “Get Discovered” at one of these retreats, mainly because that’s not what they are there for. They are there to cash your check or run your credit card to sell you the dream, PERIOD. If you want to learn how to be a better writer, listen to music you love, read books, write more, it’s all there for you already.


If you listen to the radio for 30 minutes, you’ll understand that there is no one structure or right or wrong when it comes to songwriting and ultimately someone at the label said, “This is the single” and I think we can all agree that there is no shortage of stupid, shitty songs on the radio that are not great songs. All of which are written by so-called “Hit” songwriters. So do these peoples opinion of your song really matter, they don’t know good or great when it slaps them in the face. They only know what that can sell.


So, to all of you young artists and songwriters, please do not waste your money having people who are no longer relevant in the business critique your songs. Money is a very important factor in developing yourself and there are things that you will have to be paid for, save that money for the studio developing your craft or a trip to Nashville or LA to write and really learn how to hone your craft from people who are actively engaged in writing the type of songs that you want to write. Just because someone worked at a publishing company that Katy Perry was signed to, doesn’t mean they were responsible for Katy Perry becoming who she has become. That would be like taking golf lessons from the valet just because he works at the country club. I know you all want to get better and break thru, but please be smart with your time and your resources and honestly, be smart with your passion. We are each only given a finite amount. Don’t waste any of yours on people who can’t really help you and NEVER EVER waste your resources on getting someone’s opinion of your art, it’s too subjective and open to personal preference and different interpretations. Surround yourself with people who are passionate for what you are currently doing and also realize, you may just not be a great songwriter and there’s no amount of money to fix that.


Remember this. Nothing the writer does makes a song a hit. A hit is born because of the success of a song at radio and/or on the sales chart and those are only achieved by the record label spending millions of dollars marketing the song, paying consultants to put it on playlists at large and major market radio stations so that it achieves a high chart position and utilizes social platforms and there huge reach to get a song heard by millions of people, of only about 3% actually purchase it. So paying someone to tell you how to write a hit is pointless, because making it a hit is ultimately out of their control.


I will say, there are organizations, services and companies that exist for aspiring artists and songwriters that actually offer resources for you to get better at your craft. They are both affordable and informative and in the case of NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association International), they fight for the rights and fair treatment of the creators. Songtown is another example, yes, you pay to be a member and have access to the content and that’s a fair trade, but the mentors and those teaching are actual successful songwriters still having success and are engaged daily with the business. They can actually give you resources, tips and tricks that will help you on your journey in the music business. I am not a part of Songtown in any way, shape or form, so I have no dog in this hunt or reason for steering you in that direction other than wanting to give you an example of a resource that is out there that is worth your time and financial investment. They are relevant and have a wealth of ongoing and growing content for you to be apart of and learn from. This is a relationship business, so the basis of services like these is to grow your base, have a forum to learn and start to build relationships in the business. It’s more about music business education than it is teaching you how to be a great songwriter.


Do your homework. Don’t just read a tagline where someone worked with Sheryl Crow or Gavin Degraw and be deceived into thinking that person can automatically help you achieve that level of success or have any legitimate claim to be able to tell you anything about the quality of your songs.


Bottom line, BE SMART. Most of the people who attend these clinics or retreats often say they had an amazing time, but that’s not because of what they learned from the people they paid to be there, it’s because they spent 3-5 days surrounded by other people just like them who share their passion for music and songwriting. Passion is infectious and the music business is a drug. Make sure you don’t get hooked on the wrong one.




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